This symposium merged current knowledge from prevention science, education, psychology and medicine from respected researchers to broaden our collective understanding of the power of school culture and climate in the healthy development of students. A goal of this gathering was to develop a cross discipline agenda and action plan for linking research and practice to enhance the proactive nature of positive school climates and cultures for all children.

Presentations from different disciplines and theoretical perspectives were designed to stimulate thinking “outside the box” for participants. Small group discussions gave participants the opportunity to have input into setting an agenda for research and practice. Small groups met several times throughout the gathering to discuss presentations and to formulate ideas for further research and dissemination. A goal of this gathering was to develop a cross discipline agenda and action plan for linking research and practice to enhance the proactive nature of positive school climates and cultures for all children.


In Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the
Lester L. and Roberta D. Smith Endowed Chair
in Prevention and Education in the
College of Education at the University of Arizona

Conference Presentations Available for Download

Dr. Kris Bosworth, University of Arizona, author of Protective schools: Linking
drug abuse prevention with student success and co-author of Promoting student resiliency. Download Presentation

Dr. Robert Blum, John’s Hopkins University, Co-PI on the Add Health Study. Author of Improving the odds: The untapped power of schools to improve the health of teens. Download Presentation

Dr. Zili Sloboda, University of Akron, former director of the Division of Epidemiology and Prevention Research at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, current president for the Society for Prevention Research and co-editor of the Handbook of Drug Abuse Prevention. Download Presentation

Dr. Kent Peterson, University of Wisconsin-Madison, co-author of Shaping school culture and Shaping school culture fieldbook. Download Presentation 1 Download Presentation 2

Dr. Rose Ylimaki, University of Arizona, co-author of “Successful principals in challenging US schools.” In Sustaining successful school leadership in times of change: International perspectives. Download Presentation

Dr. Denise Gottfredson, University of Maryland, author of Schools and Delinquency. Download Presentation

Dr. Pamela Orpinas, University of Georgia, co-author of Creating a positive school climate and developing social competence.

Dr. Russ Skiba, Indiana University, the lead author of the American Psychological Association’s Task Force on Zero Tolerance. Download Presentation 1

Dr. Carl Liaupsin, University of Arizona, co-author of Functional behavioral assessment and function-based intervention: An effective, practical approach. Download Presentation

Lester L. & Roberta D. Smith

Lester L. and Roberta D. Smith have long been benefactors to the College of Education at the University of Arizona. Formerly of Peoria, Illinois, Mr. Smith was the owner and president of Home Comfort Products, a company that manufactured aluminum and plastic products for homes. Lester was a graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Il. and held an honorary degree from that university as well as from the University of Arizona. Lester Smith wrote, “In 1972, my wife, Roberta, and I retired to Tucson, drawn by family, the climate and friends. Since that time we have been fortunate to build an enriching and satisfying relationship with the College of Education. The College shares our belief that caring for children is society’s most important responsibility.”

In 1996, the Smiths created the Smith Chair with the following charge: The Smith Endowed Chair for Prevention and Education will be dedicated to the development and dissemination of scholarly work and research directed to the prevention of substance abuse and the promotion of self esteem and personal competence in school aged children. Lester Smith passed away at the age of 90 in November of 2003. His wife resides in Tucson as does their daughter, Deanna and grandson, Dru.

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