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About Protective Schools

Kris Bosworth, Ph.D., University of Arizona's College of Education Endowed Chair, developed the Protective Schools model. Protective Schools is an innovative prevention design that provides for the development of ten characteristics that promote a Protective School environment

  • These characteristics are:  
    1. The school has a vision of success with board support in the community.
    2. A healthy school culture promotes student bonding to the school.
    3. School leaders are engaged and committed to prevention.
    4. A strong academic program promotes success for students of all abilities.
    5. An effective prevention curriculum/program is faithfully implemented with all students.
    6. An integrated continuum of strategies serves students and families with multiple needs.
    7. Ongoing professional development supports effective and empowered staff.
    8. Funding and resources are leveraged to support prevention and educational reform.
    9. The school has mutually supportive relationships with families, neighbors, and the community.
    10. Regular collection and analysis of school data guides decision-making.